Corporate and Social Responsibility

Many communities depend upon natural resource businesses for income, employment, infrastructure, services and facilities, health and education, and ultimately, survival. However, the environmental impact of these businesses requires careful and responsible management.

As a result, mining companies need to foster strong partnerships and implement effective, responsible strategies to address critical social, infrastructure and environmental needs within Brazil and the local communities surrounding the mining enterprise. Every mining organisation must do its utmost to benefit the communities wherein they exist, be effective caretakers of the environment and, through these practices make their businesses more sustainable.

BBX is committed to becoming a leading example. We abide by all government regulations and adhere to international best practice in sustainability, community relations and corporate governance.

Local Partnerships

  • Establish and maintain solid relationships with communities and governments.
  • Community acceptance of BBXs’ projects.
  • Utilise local labour and spend locally where possible.
  • Contribute to community programmes including health and education.

Environmental Impact and Improvements

  • Proactively mitigate environmental impact. Key assets in clear farmland.
  • Place high priority on environmental impact studies.
  • Strive for the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Improve standards by implementing international best practice.

Creating Positive Social Changes

  • Develop skills locally and target local employment.
  • Aim to procure goods and services locally.
  • Building sustainable communities.
  • Promoting a safe working environment.
  • 9 years operating in Brazil without a single lost-time accident.