Tres Estados Gold Project

Tres Estados Gold Project is located 60 km southeast of Apui, with year-around access by gravel roads. The area is located over the mapped Colider group, a prolific volcanic Proterozoic unit for gold and base metal deposits.

map BBX projects locations

Geology and Exploratation

The Três Estados tenement is located over a series of gabbroic intrusions defined by prominent E-W and NE-SW magnetic anomalies, local gold-in-soil geochemical anomalies and shallow artisanal gold workings. The principal NE-SW magnetic feature and geochemical anomaly is about 1 km wide and 4 km long and coincident with a dilation zone produced by a major NE-SW fault system (fig. 1). The gold-in-soil anomalies are largely associated with magnetic lows within or adjacent to the high magnetic trend, suggestive of magnetite destruction by hydrothermal fluids.

An initial RC drilling programme focused on drill-accessible areas within the south-west portion of the tenement. The style of mineralisation encountered has the same characteristics as that at Ema, requiring unlocking prior to assay or recovery. Pyrometallurgical tests conducted on 5kg bulk samples revealed the presence of high levels of precious metals across the entire area drilled (see map and table in Três Estados Test Results) and metallurgical testing of bulk samples of outcropping mafics consistently reported high precious metal recoveries. Extremely high gold values were recovered from the outcrops sampled at Tabocal, 4km east of the drilled area within the same intrusive body (see Três Estados Test Results).

In depth investigations conducted in conjunction with BBX´s international consultants show that the precious metals occur in a complex interlocking form comprised of minute particles which must be unlocked prior to analysis or recovery. BBX is currently finalising the development of proprietary techniques to assay and recover high levels of precious metals from this style of mineralisation.

Trial Mining Licence

An application has been lodged for a trial mining licence at Três Estados which will entitle  BBX to mine 50,000 tonnes of mineralised rock per annum..

BBX Minerals Tres Estados Gold Project map

Fig. 1. Gold soil geochemistry overlain on aerial magnetics